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First Snow In Bishop

Woke up to an inch plus of snow here in Bishop.  We figured it was going to last night as it was really moist and cold out.  It had that smell in the air of snow! 😉 Edit: 6″ of … Continue reading

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Winter Has Made It’s Return…..Temporarily

It was nice to see the sierra engulfed in clouds yesterday morning as it’s been a long time since it has done so.  I shot this as the sun came out a bit to the east lighting up the fg. … Continue reading

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Cottonwood Trees Bishop

I worked this up in Lightroom last night to see how it would do with spit toning.  Most of this image was done there, in LR.  I did take it into PS to do some additional touch-ups.  Pretty impressed with … Continue reading

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Sabrina Basin

The classic Sabrina Basin fall color shot.  As you drive up to North Lake the view of these aspens and the sierra crest above Lake Sabrina is pretty darn nice. I was able to get up there in the afternoon … Continue reading

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First Snow Fall

The first winter storm of the 11/12 season left quite a bit of snow and brought some chilly temps with it. The day before this pic was taken it was in the 60s and no snow on the sierra.  What … Continue reading

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Change Is In the Wind

We had family in town this past weekend and one of our trips was up to North Lake yesterday to do some fishing and see the colors. Pretty windy and the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. … Continue reading

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Front Yard Fall Color

The hedge in our front yard along with our Japanese Maple tree have started turning colors this past week. I thought I’d take a quick snap of the hedge, not sure what it is called, anyone know? Temps this weekend … Continue reading

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Spring Means Wind In The OV

As I was leaving work I noticed the sierra wave towering above my head.  With a few hours of light left before the sun slipped behind the Sierra crest I had plenty of time to figure out where to go. … Continue reading

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