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Fall Color Getting Started

Fall color is shaping up nicely in Bishop Creek Canyon, mostly above 8600′ on both the sabrina and south lake sides.  Mostly green below that elevation.  Perhaps another week or two ’til it all looks good in the canyon, assuming … Continue reading

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Peaklet Emerging

The clouds do some spectacular things around these two peaks and never disappoint at the end of a storm cycle.  Peaklet is the smaller pointy one in the fg, Mt. Humphreys is the one in the bg. I shot this … Continue reading

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Sierra Impressions Photography Website Offline

I thought I would give a heads-up to any who might wonder where my photo website has gone.  I’ve decided to take it off line.  I may or may not bring it back.  For now I will be using my … Continue reading

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First Snow In Bishop

Woke up to an inch plus of snow here in Bishop.  We figured it was going to last night as it was really moist and cold out.  It had that smell in the air of snow! 😉 Edit: 6″ of … Continue reading

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Winter Has Made It’s Return…..Temporarily

It was nice to see the sierra engulfed in clouds yesterday morning as it’s been a long time since it has done so.  I shot this as the sun came out a bit to the east lighting up the fg. … Continue reading

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LensWork Online

If you haven’t already discovered Lenswork Magazine or Brooks Jensen I would highly recommend you head over to Lensworkonline and to Brook’s personal website.  For those unfamiliar with Lenswork or Brooks, he is an articulate and well educated photographer who … Continue reading

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A Morning Walk

Yesterday I decided to take a predawn walk behind my house.  I usually get up before sunrise to enjoy some coffee and watch the sunrise.  I’ve never really been one to photograph sunrise, usually just prefer to enjoy them without … Continue reading

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Storm Over The Wheeler Crest

One of two storms moved in over the sierra crest yesterday bringing cold weather down here and snow to the high country.

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Cottonwood Trees Bishop

I worked this up in Lightroom last night to see how it would do with spit toning.  Most of this image was done there, in LR.  I did take it into PS to do some additional touch-ups.  Pretty impressed with … Continue reading

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Cottonwoods & White Mountain Peak

The cottonwood trees in Bishop are really looking good with their fall color display.  I have been watching these in the image for the last couple weeks hoping they would turn yellow.  Sometimes in the past they have just turned … Continue reading

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