Fall Color Getting Started

Fall color is shaping up nicely in Bishop Creek Canyon, mostly above 8600′ on both the sabrina and south lake sides.  Mostly green below that elevation.  Perhaps another week or two ’til it all looks good in the canyon, assuming the weather holds.  Unfortunately both Sabrina and South Lake are just little ponds of water due to the last couple drought years.

The cottonwoods in town are yellowing nicely but still have a ways to go before yellowed.  Those won’t be yellowed for another 2-3 weeks at least.

These are a few pics I took this past weekend.

bishop fall color 09-21-13-5859 bishop fall color 09-21-13-5832 bishop fall color 09-21-13-5815 09-22-13-5883 09-22-13-5866

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