Sierra Impressions Photography Website Offline

I thought I would give a heads-up to any who might wonder where my photo website has gone.  I’ve decided to take it off line.  I may or may not bring it back.  For now I will be using my google plus page, here, or flickr to share images.

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3 Responses to Sierra Impressions Photography Website Offline

  1. Jack Waltman says:

    sorry to see your website go offline. i liked to peruse it. my wife & i met you in bishop when i bought alabama hills pic from you.

    • Hey Jack, good to hear from you. Hope you and your wife are doing well. I added links in the post above for the flickr and google plus pages. My flickr site has pretty much everything that my website had and then some so you still have access to my images as time allows. Sorry I didn’t include those links before!

  2. Tracy Holt says:

    Im going from using another web site also to Google plus, a friend suggest it, I really love being able to come and see the pictures of that day, and this morning it was neat being able to see the MT., since it had amazing lighting and thunder last night and this morning, I have been using this awesome site on my twitter, (giving the name and the address to get to this site) its so easy to get to. Thanks 🙂

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