First Snow In Bishop

Woke up to an inch plus of snow here in Bishop.  We figured it was going to last night as it was really moist and cold out.  It had that smell in the air of snow! 😉

Edit: 6″ of snow on the ground here at the house by 8am!

Front Yard Snow

First Snow of The Season Bishop, CA

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4 Responses to First Snow In Bishop

  1. MikeP says:

    YEEEs… fresh snow…. so you can smell it coming too!!!!

  2. Greg Boyer says:

    I missed the snow….I got rain instead. I was in the Bay Area. But it looks like it’s going to be awhile before we get any more. Strange winters we are having lately. By the way I just got the chance to check your Sunday morning walk images…..Really good stuff. Do I detect a slight tone?


    • very odd winter this year. I wondered when we would dry up again since the last two were so good. We got a little over 3/4″ rain on sat too. Things are nice and wet now. Thanks for the comment on my Sunday walk pics. I think the b&w are toned; it’s been awhile. Hope all is well and good luck on your upcoming shows!

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