LensWork Online

If you haven’t already discovered Lenswork Magazine or Brooks Jensen I would highly recommend you head over to Lensworkonline and to Brook’s personal website.  For those unfamiliar with Lenswork or Brooks, he is an articulate and well educated photographer who has a wealth of knowledge and thought provoking conversations about all things photography.  What is especially refreshing is he focuses on the more artistic concepts of photography and not so much on the technicals, which are so prevalent throughout the web and in print.

Brooks is the master printer/publisher of Lenswork Magazine as well as a prolific podcast creator.

I have been a Lenswork Magazine subscriber for only two years but find it a wealth of inspiration and a good reference for what good printing looks like; he prints Lenswork with a warm toned duotone ink set.

I just signed up to Lenswork online and find it is a great bargain and a wealth of information.  I highly recommend it!

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