Cottonwoods & White Mountain Peak

Cottonwoods & White Mountain Peak

The cottonwood trees in Bishop are really looking good with their fall color display.  I have been watching these in the image for the last couple weeks hoping they would turn yellow.  Sometimes in the past they have just turned to a dull brown; not this year though thankfully.  So yesterday morning I went out and shot some of the cottonwoods and finished up with these here.

Since moving to Bishop five years ago I’ve wanted to get an image of fall color and White Mtn.  I’ve got a few but they fell short in some way.  Yesterday though I knew I had the image I’ve been trying to make.  I really liked the early morning light on the trees with the mostly shadowed White Mountain in the background.

This is the first image I’ve edited on my new MBP and using Lightroom.  I’m trying LR and it’s a different workflow than what I’ve been doing.  Needless to say I’m a bit out of sorts but will hopefully get the hang of it soon.

Supposed to get windy tomorrow with an approaching cold front.  The forecast for thurs is snow down to 4600′!  Coming from today’s 70 degree weather it will be a bit of a shock!  But I don’t live in Bishop for the mundane weather! 😉

Happy Halloween!

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  1. MikeP says:

    Nicely done… like the way you have the trees in the foreground and the MT. behind it.

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