Picked Another Apple

…And it tastes soooo good! 😉  Hahaha.  And with that lead-in I just wanted to say I got me a new apple laptop to replace my ancient eight year old powermac desktop, made a legacy machine earlier this year.  I am one happy camper as this is one smoking machine! I believe it was earlier in the year when I wanted to upgrade my photoshop CS2 to the new CS5 and also put Lightroom on my powermac.  Unfortunately when reading the fine print it stated only intel macs were supported.  Uh-oh I thought, my trusty but slow powermac G5 was now a legacy machine.  Soon I couldn’t even upgrade to the newest versions of adobe flash or even apple’s safari.  The writing was on the wall!

So over the summer and the last couple months I’ve been bouncing back and forth between getting a desktop or a laptop.  I had my eyes on Apple’s hex core desktop which was a smoking machine, in price and performance.  Unfortunately it hadn’t had a refresh since summer of 2010 and no one really knew when it would be.  Apple’s new macbook pro update last Feb with quad-core i7 chips with thunderbolt tech was interesting but really hadn’t seriously considered the laptop until a couple weeks ago.  I was reviewing some performance benchmarks at barefeats.com and macperformance.com which compared the new macbookpros with the mac pros and iMacs with the i7 chipset.  The new macbook pros really held their own and weren’t much slower in photoshop processing compared to the mac pro hex core.

After going through those benchmarks it dawned on me that these were really just as strong as the mac pro desktops.  Albeit with more of a ram limit and internal storage.  But more importantly I had realized that I have been processing more images on our older macbook pro than on my desktop, at least for quick edits.  After working all day sitting at a computer the last thing I wanted to do is trudge upstairs and sit at a desk again.  So I decided last weekend it would be a laptop.  I can do reasonable edits using the laptop screen then hook up to my cinema display and make final adjustments.

So what did I get?  The 2011 15″ macbook pro with the highres matte display, 8GB ram, 2.3 intel i7 chip and the 500GB 7200rpm HD.  This thing is fast and blows the doors of our 2008 15″ macbook pro dual core machine.  Photoshop opens in less than 5 seconds.  On my old powermac I could read all the names on the opening screen two or three times, maybe more even, before PS would fully open!

Anyways, I’m a happy camper now.  Just have to figure out a new storage plan!

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2 Responses to Picked Another Apple

  1. MikeP says:

    Glad you were able to get 8gb of ram…. I have the one yr old 17in version. While I love the big screen its a pain in the a#$@@%&& to travel with. Looks like you made some excellent choices… enjoy!!!

    • thanks Mike! it’s nice to have a fast machine finally. I had read about the 17 being a beast to carry around and we love our ’08 15″ mbp so it was a no brainer as far as size went.

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