Autumn Sunset Mono Lake

Last weekend I headed to Mono Lake for a late afternoon evening session.  I hadn’t been there all summer.  Boy did the lake level come up!!  I had read that it rose 2ft from the heavy snow pack.  There was a lot of water in places that I haven’t seen it in the last couple years.

To avoid the crowds at South Tuffa, especially during the fall, I headed to my go to spot and favorite location just east of Navy Beach.  Judging by the number of headlights leaving that evening after sunset the shores along South Tuffa were jammed packed!  As usually it didn’t disappoint.  There was a sierra wave looming just east of the crest but even better there were alto cumulous clouds, I think that’s what they’re called, behind them and to the east all the way towards Neveda.  I was able to shoot some nice late afternoon lighting on the tuffas as the sun came and went from behind the clouds.

As it got closer to dusk I was expecting a good sunset but was quite surprised at the lack of color where I expected it to occur.  Then when I thought that it might be over the skies to the south east started turning pink.  Foutunately I was in a place that allowed me to accomodate that into my composition!

Tuffas And Clouds Mono Lake

Autumn Skies Mono Lake

Autumn Sunset Mono Lake

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3 Responses to Autumn Sunset Mono Lake

  1. MikeP says:

    Isn’t good to be in a place and find out… not bad..”I like it”. Love the B/W, but am so glad you included the 2 color shots. The clouds and reflections in the water make the comp.

  2. Greg Boyer says:

    Very nice series. Mono Lake will never cease to surprise you. Just when you think it’s kaput…it will throw some great color at you. The south Tufa can be a zoo at times.

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