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Cottonwoods & White Mountain Peak

The cottonwood trees in Bishop are really looking good with their fall color display.  I have been watching these in the image for the last couple weeks hoping they would turn yellow.  Sometimes in the past they have just turned … Continue reading

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Picked Another Apple

…And it tastes soooo good! 😉  Hahaha.  And with that lead-in I just wanted to say I got me a new apple laptop to replace my ancient eight year old powermac desktop, made a legacy machine earlier this year.  I … Continue reading

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Autumn Sunset Mono Lake

Last weekend I headed to Mono Lake for a late afternoon evening session.  I hadn’t been there all summer.  Boy did the lake level come up!!  I had read that it rose 2ft from the heavy snow pack.  There was … Continue reading

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Fall Color Update

Spent yesterday and today shooting in the June Lake Loop, Parker Bench, and Mono Lake areas.  Wow, the color is really nice in the June Lake Loop and Parker Bench.  I’d say it’s at peak there.  Here’s a few pics….

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Sabrina Basin

The classic Sabrina Basin fall color shot.  As you drive up to North Lake the view of these aspens and the sierra crest above Lake Sabrina is pretty darn nice. I was able to get up there in the afternoon … Continue reading

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First Snow Fall

The first winter storm of the 11/12 season left quite a bit of snow and brought some chilly temps with it. The day before this pic was taken it was in the 60s and no snow on the sierra.  What … Continue reading

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Change Is In the Wind

We had family in town this past weekend and one of our trips was up to North Lake yesterday to do some fishing and see the colors. Pretty windy and the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. … Continue reading

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