Denali as seen from PM 11 or so from the Denali NP road

They say only a third of the visitors to Denali NP get to see “the mountain”.  I guess we won some unannounced and unknown lottery because we were fortunate to see it twice!  On our drive from Anchorage to Denali we saw the snow capped peak looming high above the tree-tops that line the highway to Denali.  Looking in the Post Mile we saw there was a South Denali view point not too far ahead.  It was mid day and far away and hot!  We snapped some pics and as we walked away congratulated ourselves of getting to see the mountain.  I wondered if we would get to see it from the park in the next couple days.

Well sure enough on our last day in Denali NP we decided to drive in as far as we could. Along the way we saw some moose and a big white looming of a mountain. The wind was raging that day as I turned around and found a place to park the car off the road.  There had been a wild fire going the whole time we were there so the smoke in the air was killing the contrast, not to mention the distance!

I shot a lot of different compositions and at different focal lengths using the trusty 100-400 to make sure I got something.  I was pretty stoked to have seen it from inside the park as this was much closer and a better view than we had just a few days before.  As a few people stopped their cars to look as well I wrapped things up and headed down the road.

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2 Responses to Denali

  1. Greg Boyer says:

    Very nice image. Well suited to toning. Your greyscale images in the slideshow are really impressive. Very well done.
    When did you get your blog back on line? I was surprised to see it up and the new look.
    What a great adventure going to Alaska, I got close one time. I was at Jasper National Park and was going to make a run over but ran out of time.
    Glad your back online. Look forward to more posts.


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