Bird Photography – A Lesson In Patience

So my wife an I have started dabbling in bird photography, her more so than me.  I’m finding out that I’d like to get a great shot of some of these birds, but it’s a lot of effort and takes a whole lotta patience to pull it off!  Not sure I’m up to the task for that!

We’ve got this oriole that has just recently shown up.  As I’m learning they’re not ones to stick around when you point a lens in there direction, skitish little fellows!  It took setting up the camera on the tripod just outside the door so I could trip the shutter when we showed up.  Even then the sound of the shutter releasing spooked him and off he went.  I was able to get some frames off finally after many hours.  The humming birds are a little less shy and easier to shoot in that regard.  I’ll have to work on getting some of these without the feeder in the shot.  As I’m learning it’s all about focul length!! 😉

these were all shot using my wife’s 60d which due to it’s crop sensor yields a bit more focal length than my 5d would yield.

All these images were shot using a 60d w/ 100-400 and cropped about 25% of the original.

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2 Responses to Bird Photography – A Lesson In Patience

  1. Not bad! I just recently got into shooting birds myself. You’re right that they’re skittish. Even with feeders placed in strategic locations, it’s tough getting good shots. But these are good. Don;t stop now!

    • Thanks Chris! It’s challenging and fun. My wife is getting more into the bird photography thing than me. She was trying to sneak up on a flock of ibis last week and well, lets just say she needs to improve her hunting and sneaking skills! 😉

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