Back With A Wave

Here’s a little video I shot of a nice sierra wave that formed this past sunday afternoon April 17, 2011.  I shot it with my wife’s 60d.  Looks like I’ve got a lot to learn about HD video editing and shooting!!  For some reason I’m getting soft video when I know I’ve set focus correctly.  I suspect I’m not converting the from the camera .mov files correctly?  I used IMovie 9 to process this image.  Got some research to do!!

So this is approximately 9 minutes of video condensed down to 1 minute to get the movement in the clouds.  I shot this at 60fps but as my wife pointed out I should’ve shot this at 30 or even 24.  Will have to try that.  That 9 minutes of video was 3GB of file!!  My now legacied G5 1.8 mac can’t run the file!  I guess the graphics card isn’t up to the task.  Had to run this on the macbookpro.

These lenticulars form on the leeward side of the mountains and do so under specific conditions.  Some times they form what’s called a sierra wave as it did this evening.  We seem to get them mostly in the fall and spring when the seasons are changing.

We were at Mono Lake on Saturday evening and managed to get some black and whites with the lenticulars that formed there.

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